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Dragon saga pet

dragon saga pet

Some players find companions with other users, however, some can also find companions with pets! There are several pets that can be found in the world of. Die Datei "" auf dieser Website lässt nicht zu, dass eine Beschreibung für das Suchergebnis angezeigt wird. -Bat Broomstick Pet Egg -Pumpkin Broomstick Pet Egg - Dragon Wing Pet Egg - and more! Pet Surprise Box A (June 29 – July 28) Pets come in all shapes and.


Ninja Saga - NEW PET Crystal Dragon (IV) - Skills + Effects Preview 2017 HD dragon saga pet

Dragon saga pet - siehst genau

It doesn't have damage. One of the pet eggs stated above, the Felix, Husky, or Griffon egg will be rewarded upon the quest completion. Pets cannot be the target of crafting using either enchanting or soulcrafting. Reach level 40 and go to see Amy the pet merchant in any city. Upon reaching level 20, you can visit Pet Seller Amy in Port of the Winds to accept a special quest chain. A dialog will open; all you need then is to drop your pet and pay 20 gold.

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Your pet will grow hungry after a random duration of three, seven, or fifteen days. Feeding Your Pet During your journeys, your pet will get hungry. Requests for permissions Vandalism Reports Anti-Vandalism and Spam Wiki Contact Wikia. Please log in to reply. This duration is revealed in the pet's details upon hatching from its egg. Near the pet's body, thorns will be fired and deal damage to enemies in the direction of the fired Thorns. Introduction How to Play Job Classes Features.


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